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19 / 04 / 2013
Prof. Vin Walsh sets the mind for IFAC 2013. Bookings now open!

Professor of Human Brain Research at the University College London, Vin Walsh, Ph.D., is joining the line up of keynote speakers at the 2013 edition of the International Festival of Athletics Coaching.

Returning to Glasgow, ahead of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, the 2013 coaching event will focus on the ‘Winning Difference: the Bridge to Excellence.’

Walsh will certainly add another dimension to IFAC with his research into the sporting brain, he actively advocates that “with the exception of being a combat soldier, sport is the hardest thing that the brain does.”

Walsh’s strong ability to simplify complex brain science into practical advice has fuelled his reputation as a world renowned keynote speaker. In Glasgow, the focus of Professor Walsh’s keynote will be to translate the latest findings from neuroscience into practical skills to improve performance. He will also address the time-long coaching conundrum of how athletes can overwrite recurring mistakes that have been hardwired into the brain.

Professor Walsh’s research into cognitive neuroscience will be of particular interest during the three day festival of coaching and how coaches can make the winning difference and make the bridge to excellence.

- to book your place at IFAC, click here.