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The International Festival of Athletics Coaching is your conference, you design your IFAC programme to suit your coaching needs and there is something on offer for all disciplines and at all levels of coaching. Practical Workshops for Practical Coaches!

If you are a Club Coach, Development Coach, Performance Coach, Sports Coach and Coach working with Disability Athletes then IFAC has something to offer you....

IFAC for Club CoachesIFAC for Club Coaches (211.1 KB)
IFAC for Development CoachesIFAC for Development Coaches (309.1 KB)
IFAC for Performance CoachesIFAC for Performance Coaches (324.6 KB)
IFAC for Coaches working with Athletes with a DisabilityIFAC for Coaches working with Athletes with a Disability (233.2 KB)
IFAC for Sport Coaches IFAC for Sport Coaches (376.5 KB)