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We are hope had an enjoyable conference, please click the links below to see the presentation material from each of the speakers who presented at IFAC 2011. 

Presentations will be at the bottom of each speaker's biography...

Keynote Speakers 2011

- Dr. Wolfgang Ritzdorf
- Vern Gambetta (USA)
- Dr. Penny Werthner (Canada)
- Jimmy Beauttah (Kenya)
- Don Babbitt (USA)
- Dr. Elio Locatelli (Italy)

Workshop Leaders 2011

- Kelvin Gilles
- Dave Sunderland (UK)
- Prof. Vincenzo Canali (Italy)
- Toni Minichiello (UK)
- Prof. Frank Dick (UK)
- Mike McFarlane (UK)
- Stan Madiri (UK)
Shaun Pickering (UK)
- Dalton Grant (UK)
Steve Rippon (UK)
- Terseus Liebenberg (South Africa)
- Emma Gardner (Lucozade Sport)
- Scottish Schools' Athletic Association (SSAA)