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The Lucozade Sport Science Team (LSST) was founded in 2003 to further develop the area of sports nutrition, share expertise and help improve performance.
Drawing on over 30 years’ experience in sports nutrition research, working closely with leading coaches, elite athletes, academics and sports professionals, Lucozade believe that, to get the most out of your training and performance, it’s essential you have a diet that matches the demands placed upon your body.
The LSST is dedicated to providing you with the latest advances in sport science and nutrition, so they can help improve your health and performance. Lucozade also develop practical plans to meet your and your sport’s specific demands – even if you’re competing in a challenging environment.

Lucozade Sport at IFAC 2011:
Emma Gardner, Lucozade Sport Scientist will be presenting the following:

Sun 30 Oct
Athlete Preparations – “From Mouth to Muscle - Fuelling Performance”