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From Baseball to Basketball to Football, Vern Gambetta’s 40 years of coaching experience encompasses a variety of sports at all levels of competition, but his one true passion remains Track and Field athletics. Considered as the founding father of ‘Functional Sports Training,’ IFAC 2011 is delighted to announce that Vern Gambetta (USA) will be a keynote speaker as a part of this year’s high calibre line up.
Vern is delighted to return to Scotland, after attending the Scottish Coaching Summit in Largs earlier this year. “For coaches of all levels, IFAC is a fantastic event. The exposure to some of the most renowned experts with such a wide variety of experiences is incredible. Most of all there is an excellent opportunity to interact and share experiences with these experts as well as other coaches, which is what is all about!”
Vern, currently the Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems, is recognised internationally as an expert in training and conditioning for sport and has worked with worldclass athletes and teams. On the athletics track his coaching speciality lies in both the decathlon and the heptathlon – a natural choice for someone who can turn their hand at almost anything.   
Regard for his highly valued knowledge of athletics is reflected in Vern Gambetta’s involvement in some unique projects, including consultant coach for the Nike Oregon Project. He has coached from grass-roots to world-class level and has held prominent roles such as National Hurdle Coordinator and Head Coach for the Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field team at the University of California, Berkeley.
Vern’s extensive expertises saw him co-found the USA Track & Field coaching education program as well as editing its technical journal, Track Technique. On the international scene, he is a member of the advisory editorial board for the IAAF’s technical journal, New Studies in Athletics. Vern has also authored nine books and over one hundred articles related to coaching and sport performance.
A true testament to Vern’s renowned expertises is his development of the Gambetta Method, which represents a unique and innovative approach to training and rehabilitating athletes. It is a synthesis of the latest sports science theory and his forty years of practical coaching experience and research across a multitude of sports.  
Vern will present the first keynote speech at IFAC 2011, where he will be addressing the changing environment facing both coaches and athletes. “Nowadays there is this expectation to perform at higher and higher levels, and we need to look at how technology can help to unlock better performances.” His keynote entitled ‘From Chalkboard to iPad - The Evolution of the Art & Science of Coaching Athletics,’ deals with the changes, challenges and advances that athletics has seen over the years. Vern insists that ”everything old, is now new again! Fundamental to producing results, is having a proper blend of art and science.”     
As one of the foremost experts in the field of athletic development, delegates of IFAC 2011 can not only look forward to learning from Vern Gambetta as leading expert, but can also look forward to being empowered by his knowledge and passion about training. Prof. Frank Dick, President of the European Athletics Coaches’ Association (EACA), looks forward to welcoming such a high calibre performance expert to IFAC for 2011: “Vern Gambetta is joining a stellar line up organised for this year’s conference, and it is a great honour to have him in on board. His combined experiences from a variety of sports makes him such a valuable asset to the coaching community, one which I hope our coaches will take full advantage of at IFAC”       

Vern Gambetta at IFAC 2011
Vern Gambetta will host the following at IFAC 2011:

Fri 28 Oct
Keynote: “from chalkboard to iPad - the evolution of the art & science of coaching athletics”
Sat 29 Oct
Core Competencies – “Foundational Strength - Bodyweight Before External Resistance”
Sat 29 Oct
Core Competencies – “The importance of core strength development in high performance and movement ability”
Sat 29 Oct
Core Competencies – “Foundational Strength - Bodyweight Before External Resistance”
Sat 29 Oct
Core Competencies – “The importance of core strength development in high performance and movement ability”
Sun 30 Oct
Core Competencies – “Remedial Movements for Injury Prevention & Performance Enhancement”
Sun 30 Oct
Coaches’ Mall & Interactive Forum

Fri 28 Oct - KeynoteFri 28 Oct - Keynote (749.4 KB)